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A Simple Guide That Can Help When You’re Injured

Have you suffered a personal injury? Do you not know what happens next? If you have answered yes to both questions, you have come to the right article! There are a lot of things you need to know about choosing the right attorney, understanding the court process and how you can prove everything. This article can help address those problems and more!

Make sure that you hire an attorney that specializes in personal injury law, like the Abel Law Firm. There are lawyers out there who practice several types of law. It is in your best interest to find one who only practices this type of law. It will increase your chances of success since your attorney will know exactly what he is doing.

When choosing a personal injury attorney, ensure that you are choosing a law office which has an entire department dedicated to personal injury. Meanwhile, it is common for law offices to pursue several different types of cases, it is important to choose an attorney who’s well versed in your niche.

Get a detailed police report regarding an injury you receive, for future reference in court. Not only will the information gathered by the authorities be very credible, it can help prove that you were wrongfully injured and win your case. Failure to collect credible evidence means your claim may be viewed as hearsay, and that won’t win you anything!

Do your best to stick with local personal injury attorneys. Generally speaking, local attorneys are more accountable to you and that can lead to you being more satisfied with what they do. You also won’t have to make long distance calls, you can have quicker communication, and you can meet with them easier.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand some of the things involved with the process of reaching a personal injury settlement. By all means, this is not the only article out there to help you. Keep this information in mind and keep researching to ensure that you are compensated for your injury!

Wrongful Death due to Emergency Errors

Preventable medical errors claim as many as 98,000 lives in the US every year, as shown in the records of the Institute of Medicine, an American non-profit, non-governmental research organization. Medical errors are consequences of the negligence or carelessness of nurses, doctors and many other health-care professionals; these can occur through many different types, the most common of which, include wrong or delayed diagnosis, surgical mistakes and emergency room negligence.

Many times, medical mistakes get to be discovered only after a patient complains of a new health condition or of sudden pains after having taken a prescribed a medication, having been treated in the emergency department or having undergone a surgical procedure. And, though the consequences of each may be serious, even fatal at times, mistakes in emergency rooms often bring about the most devastating results.

Take, for instance, the case of a young girl, who was diagnosed as simply suffering from a bellyache; a few minutes later, her appendix ruptured, causing her extreme pain. Worse, though, was the case of a teenager who complained of fever and chills. He was given Tylenol and was sent home to rest, only to die a few hours later due to sepsis, an infection in the blood.

A study made by the Journal of the American Medical Association confirms the fact that errors in emergency rooms are real and that these cause almost half of all deaths due to medical malpractice. Some of the health problems most frequently misdiagnosed in ERs are aneurysm, pulmonary embolism, stroke and heart attack.

A number of the reported reasons for ER errors which, sometimes, lead to severe complications or death, include poor communication between nurses and doctors, shortage of doctors, failure to communicate vital information regarding patient’s condition, lack of timely access to lab report, overworked and stressed nurses and staff, over-crowding and prolonged waiting time.

Regardless of the workload, however, it remains to be the legal obligation of medical staff members to avoid mistakes and rush or cut corners when treating or diagnosing ER patients. A patient who can prove that: a doctor had a legal duty to provide care for him/her; the doctor, under whose care the patient is, violated his/her legal duty; the harm was a result of the violation of such duty; and, there were damages resulting from the injury, is legally entitled to file a claims lawsuit against such doctor or the doctor’s employer. This is typically handled by a personal injury lawyer.

Product Liability for Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

The saying that the cure is worse than the disease or similar has been used for centuries. This is mostly because before the era of modern medical principles, many cures and therapies killed off or at least grievously injured the patients.

Back in the day, people with ailments or certain needs would go to the apothecary to be dosed with evil-smelling concoctions or fitted with mysterious gadgets. It was pretty much trial-and-error, and the treatments that killed off more than they cured were eventually removed from the lists. A good example is arsenic, which in low doses was used as a stimulant in the 18th century. However, arsenic has a cumulative effect, and will eventually kill the user. In toxic doses, of course, arsenic will kill within a short period of ingestion.

Today, any drug company that uses arsenic is liable to get sued because of its known toxic effects. The standards of care are much higher now because there is no reason why a drug company will not know the long-term effects of any drug or medical device they sell to the public. The product liability for defective drugs or medical devices that is widely introduced into the market can ring up a pretty hefty bill in personal injury lawsuits.

That is precisely what happened to the manufacturers and distributors of the birth-control device NuvaRing and the kidney cleansing solution Granuflo used in dialysis. They are being sued by thousands of their clients for not giving adequate warning about the potential harmful side-effects with their use.

NuvaRing users claim that use of the once-a-month contraceptive significantly increased formation of blood clots. An article in the website of Texas law firm Williams Kherkher about NuvaRing observes that Merck & Co. should be made to pay for their negligence in protecting the health of their clients. Those suing Granuflo manufacturer Fresenius Medical Care for failure to warn. In a separate article on Granuflo, lawyers at Williams Kherkher explain that the company failed to advise physicians that subscribing excessive bicarbonate to their patients can lead to cardiac arrest and other heart problem.

If you or someone close to you has found that the cure is worse than the disease, you should know that you don’t have to pay the consequences of a defective drug or medical devices by yourself. Stand up and take action by consulting with a product liability lawyer specializing in the product or device that has caused you injury.

In a World of Hurt: Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury

They say that getting seriously sick is like being robbed at knifepoint: it hurts both your body and your wallet. But it is worse when the medical professionals to whom you put your trust in let you down; your trip into the hospital could be your last.

According to the website of Massachusetts personal injury lawyers Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, medical malpractice is when a health care professional fails to meet the standards of care that are required of them in the commission of their duties. This can apply to doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. You don’t even have to be sick to become a victim of medical malpractice and suffer a personal injury. For example, if your doctor prescribes you an over-the-counter medication that is contraindicated for your condition, that is considered medical malpractice. The doctor knew or should have known to ensure that you will not be affected adversely by any medication and treatment which is prescribed. This is just one standard of care which is all too often breached.

It is true what the website says when it mentions that medical professionals literally hold your life in their hands, which is why the standards of care are so high for them. Just as medical practitioners deserve to be duly compensated for their services those who suffer preventable harm while under their care should also be compensated.

However, because medical malpractice insurers make it a practice to provide every possible hindrance to a personal injury claim, it can be difficult for a plaintiff to win unless it is handled by a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice personal injury lawsuits. There is a whole set of laws that vary from state to state that deal with this type of claim which can flummox an attorney with little or no experience, to the detriment of the plaintiff. Make the smart move and retain a lawyer who can handle your case in a competent manner to maximize the chances of success.

Making a Personal Injury Claim in Construction Accidents

A construction site is undoubtedly a dangerous place to be, which is why there are safety regulations in place. Unfortunately, not all construction sites are as safe as they can possibly be because of budget constraints. Not all employers prioritize the safety of their workers or innocent bystanders who may be affected by construction accident. They skimp on safety equipment, training, and other things such as warning signs because there is a cost attached to such compliance. It is a good way to ensure someone will file a personal injury case that could end up costing the employer more.

People employed in construction sites have the right to expect that their safety will be prioritized. According to the website of very experienced NYC construction accident lawyers Hach & Rose, LLP, it is the duty of construction companies to make regular safety inspections and to arrange for safety programs for the workers. The failure to do this can render a construction company and its managers liable for pecuniary damages as well as pain and suffering.
An article on the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® in Kenosha succinctly explains that the costs associated with the injury itself may not be the end of it. Most construction accidents involve work at height, and many who sustain injuries find themselves unable to return to work. The consequences of this type of injury can be long-term and complex, and may even result in death.

However, personal injury cases can be complicated, and it may not be easy to prove negligence when it comes to construction accidents because of the nature of the work. It will be advisable to consult with a personal injury or construction accident lawyer in the area to provide legal advice regarding a particular case for the best results. It is essential that a legitimate claim be given the most aggressive legal representation possible to offset any medical and economic losses to the injured party.

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