Cool Places to Throw a Party

Sometimes, the location can make or break your party, so you should seriously add the location in the many considerations that will make your party awesome.

You have some celebrating to do, and you want it to be as exciting and memorable as possible. Below are some places that may be cool enough to add an it-factor to your party, making it not just exciting and memorable for you and your guests, but also impressive.

School Gym

We’ve all seen it before – partygoers exploiting the space of school gyms. But those we see are mostly kid stuff, like children sports-themed parties and proms. You’re now an adult, so you are not limited to these things, and you get to exploit the wide space of school gyms.

The best part here is that you may even be as loud as long as you want, as long as the location is far enough to fester on neighbors.


According to the website of Anita Dee Yacht Charters, yachts can be customized to accommodate social events, such as corporate outings, weddings, and most of all, parties. It may not be as cheap as your local school gym, but if you have the right budget, the mere fact that your party is held in a yacht is enough to make it memorable.

Aside from the luxuries of yachts, you also get the additional scenery of sunrise, sunset, moon and stars, and water, around you.


A rooftop combines the advantages of school gyms and yachts – they have the wide space you need for a party and the beautiful scenery of concrete jungle and lights to add to the mood. In fact, because of their obvious advantages, rooftops have already been known to be good party venues.

Rooftops are detached from responsibility because they are often isolated from other parts of the building, so you may get away from neighbors that may complain. At the same time, rooftops are attached to scenery, making rooftops all benefits and no consequences.


Yachts are not just the moving vehicles that can accommodate parties, as even buses are known to be party venues. They are big and wide enough to comfortably accommodate tens of people, and the best thing about them is that you and your mates are not stuck in a single place. You can take the party anywhere.

However, there is the risk of accidents. Make sure that your driver is not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also a good idea to go to an isolated space, like a valley, pull over, and party on, while maximizing the view and minimizing neighbor issues.

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