Recalls and very Huge Fines Faced by Volkswagen

Around the globe, more than 8 million Volkswagen cars may be recalled, while in the US, besides the close to half a million cars that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has already ordered to be recalled, a Volkswagen fraud lawsuit filed by the US Justice Department (against Volkswagen) in behalf of the EPA may also result to about $90 billion in fines.

The investigation of emission scandal that Volkswagen is involved with, wherein German car manufacturer Volkswagen is accused of cheating emissions tests in the US, has now spread to many other countries, including parts of Europe, Canada and South Korea.

Since 2009, Volkswagen has sold at least 480,000 of its clean diesel cars in the US after passing emissions tests conducted by the EPA. It was later found out, however, that these vehicles were equipped with a defeat device, a type of computer software which allowed the German-made cars to detect testing scenarios. Consequently, the device put the car into safety mode, reducing its emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) by making the vehicle’s engine run below its normal power – though fraudulent, it was definitely an impressive way of dishonestly making its way into the US car market. After tests have been conducted, as the vehicle goes back on the road and runs on normal power, it also goes back to emitting hazardous pollutants that are up to 40 times higher than the limit set by the Clean Air Act.

Diesel-power cars are slowly, but definitely, gaining a spot in the US car industry. This is why some wonder how other car manufacturers, like Chevrolet, have been able to change the image of diesel engines from slow, noisy and emitting lots of dirty smoke, to quiet and as clean as gasoline engines, while Volkswagen had to cheat in order to pass emissions tests. Since diesel engines also provide more torque and diesel itself ensures better fuel economy, it may only be a matter of time before cars with diesel engine start dominating US roads and highways too, but as regards those manufactured by Volkswagen, only time will tell.

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